Junior Football: 7th - 9th Grade

Fun Football: 7 - 9 Years

Mastering the Ball via Playful Technical Training.

Fun Football maintains the theme of integrating small-sided games (5-a-side for 7th and 8th grades, and 7-a-side for 9th grade) with minimal intervention from parents and game leaders, ensuring a fun-filled morning for all.

Players can learn basic techniques through exposure to small games that focus on specific technical outcomes, while still allowing freedom of flair and creativity to flourish. It is important to emphasize keeping adult pressure of 'winning' out of Fun Football in order to foster skill development.

In our 8th Grade session, we also organize "Girls Only" teams, which consist of a mix of 8th and 9th Grade players. This allows young girls to develop their confidence and football skills in a supportive and comfortable environment.

Season Information 2024

The season begins on Saturday 4th May and finishes on Saturday 7th September.  There is no football Saturday 1st June (Kings Birthday) and over the middle weekend of the school holidays Saturday 13th July.

Centennial Park 7th to 9th Grade will run on Friday 28th June instead of Saturday 29th June to allow everyone to have a weekend off!

9th Grade teams: arrive at 8.30 am for a warm up, games starting at 9 am.

8th Grade & Girls Only teams: warm up drills at 10am followed by 2x20 minute games at 10.25am and 10.50am. For the first 4 weeks of the season, the Girls Only teams will play eachother. For the rest of the season, the Girls Only teams will play one game against another Girls Only team, and one game against a mixed team.

7th Grade teams: warm up drills 10.50am followed by a game

Games are played at Centennial Park. For the pitch layout map for 7th, 8th & 9th grades, please see below. 

Shin pads are compulsory for all players. The second named team on the draw are to wear bibs.

All glasses worn during practice or games must be safety approved.

To view the Rules of Play for these grades, under Downloads 

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Your players will be provided with a CTFC shirt, which needs to be returned at the end of the season.  They will need shin pads, boots, CTFC shorts and socks.  These are available through our website and also at Anderson and Hill. 

Cancellations for Cashmere Technical Development Grades (7th, 8th and 9th Grade) are advised on our website. This competition is run by our Club - not by Mainland Football - therefore Mainland Football cancellations do not impact this competition.

Grade Managers
If you have any further questions about the Cashmere Technical 7th - 9th Grades, please contact one of our competition coordinators.

7th Grade: grademgr7@ctfc.co.nz
8th Grade: grademgr8@ctfc.co.nz
9th Grade: grademgr9@ctfc.co.nz

Game Day Manager
If you have any queries on game day please contact our Game Day Manager.

7-9th Grade Game Day Manager
E: gamedaymgr7-9@ctfc.co.nz