Supporters Club

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New Competition for Cashmere Technical Supporters Club

Over 4 weeks you pay $2 for every goal the Men’s MPL team score into the supporter’s club.

On the Saturday after the 4th weekend there will be a lucky draw for all those who are completely up to date with their $2 per goal.

The lucky name that is drawn out must be at the clubrooms to win the price of half the funds collected in the past four weeks.

If you miss out joining this fundraiser in the first four weeks you can join the following period of four weeks.

We hope to run this fundraiser all season including all games played each 4 weeks.

The fundraiser will start on Saturday the 13th of April

Towards the end of the season there will be a function for all those that participate

If you are interested please contact

GARRY STRAW PH 0211162612 or