10th - 12th Grade

Mini Football 10 - 12 Years

Our 10th to 12th grade players take part in Mainland Footballs city wide competition. 

The season begins on Saturday 27th April and finishes on Saturday 7th September.  There is no football Saturday 1st June (Kings Birthday) and over the middle weekend of the school holidays (Saturday 13th July).   

10th to 12th Grade games will be played on Friday 28th June instead of Saturday 29th June to allow everyone to have a weekend off!​​


Your players will be provided with a CTFC shirt, which needs to be returned at the end of the season.  They will need shin pads, boots, CTFC shorts and socks.  These are available through our website which can be found on the home page. 

​​​​​​​CTFC Junior Playing Philosophy (10th -12th grade)

  • Goalkeepers/defenders should try to always play out from the back, whether from a goal kick or having the ball in his/her hand.
  • Discourage long aimless kicks and encourage short passing from the back into midfield and forwards. This requires teaching players in midfield where to position themselves to support and receive a pass.
  • It is important to know that by playing in this way mistakes will be made and we will concede some goals as we learn and improve. It is a challenging concept to teach as well because often in junior ages kicking it long can be quite effective, however, when we take a long term approach to developing better footballers we need to start passing out from the back from a young age. The reasoning is that playing aimless long passes stops being an effective tactic in the later youth years. If players have just been relying on long passes and speed at this point it is often too late to develop the other technical aspects of their game, for this reason we are enforcing all Junior teams and players to pass out from the back.
  • All players rotate positions
  • It is great for player development for players to experience playing in a number of positions.
  • Even if their future is for example as a left back, it is important for their tactical development to understand the role of a center back or left midfielder.
  • Playing time is shared evenly
  • Football has a fun focus at this age, we want all players to share game time. Some things that may effect a players game time could be a poor attitude or bad behaviour, arriving late without a valid reason but it should not be around performance or ability.