Grounds & Facilities

To access a schedule of training grounds and times, please click on the following link. Coaches - to make a booking please contact the grounds co-ordinator via email here.

Net Roster  - Saturday September 9th

Beckenham Park: Nets in Beckenham Pavilion #2832

CTFC 14 Girls Gold - CFPs up on S1; key from lockbox & return (#2843) - leave up for 12.30pm game

CTFC 17 Development - CFPs down on S1; key from lockbox & return (#2843)

Centennial Park:  Nets in Centennial Park garage / pavilion

CTFC 15 Silver - Nets/CFPs up on S1 (Pavilion); key from lockbox & return (#2468) - leave up for 12.30pm game

CTFC 17 Maroon - Nets/CFPs down on S1 (Pavilion); key from lockbox & return (#2468); tidy and lock Pavilion

Garrick Memorial Park S1:

CTFC Reserves - CFPs up/down (Pavilion)

Hillsborough Domain: Nets in Hillsborough Pavilion #2425

CTFC 15 White - Nets/CFPs up on S1 (Hillsborough Pavilion); key from lockbox & return (#2425)

CTFC 14 Green - Nets/CFPs down on S1 (Hillsborough Pavilion); key from lockbox & return (#2425); tidy & lock Pavilion

Lancaster Park:

CTFC 13 Development - CFPs pickup from Centennial Pavilion (#2468) & return

Nga Puna Wai:

CTFC 16 Girls Academy - CFPs pickup from Centennial Pavilion (#2468); up on S1

CTFC 14 Black - n/a (leave up for 2.30pm game)

CTFC Pele's Children - return CFPs to Centennial Pavilion

CTFC 16 Girls Blue - CFPs pickup from Centennial Pavilion (#2468); up on S2 & return

Spreydon Domain:  Nets in Spreydon Domain #2425

CTFC 13 Gold - SENIOR Nets up/down (Spreydon Pavilion); key from lockbox & return (#2468)

United Sports Centre T1:

CTFC 14 Girls Academy - n/a (permanent nets at ground)


Background and history

They say the Phoenix arose from ashes. Cashmere Technical in a past life did indeed emerge from ashes after the Christchurch Technical clubrooms were consumed by fire on the CPIT Sullivan Avenue campus.

However, it was the earthquakes of 2010/11 and the damage incurred to structures and playing fields that have been the catalyst for the exciting new developments now being undertaken by Cashmere Technical FC.

Garrick Park
The home of Cashmere Technical is undergoing a transformation.

The playing fields were severely damaged in the Canterbury earthquakes, affecting the surface, drainage, and lighting. The sports pavilion was damaged beyond repair.

In partnership with The Woolston Club, who are investing significant funds, and with the very generous support of Christchurch City Council, Ministry of Internal Affairs, New Zealand Community Trust and Canterbury Community Trust, we have undertaken a major works programme:1. The playing surfaces are being extended to form 2 full size sand-based pitches and a training area.2. The playing fields have been fully drained with novaflow and sand slitting.3 .An automated sprinkler system has been installed.4. New lighting towers are to be erected with improved output to allow for winter training5. A sports pavilion is being erected using modern materials and engineering techniques, providing superior facilities for player preparation and post-match recovery.

Once completed, the new facilities first use will be as a training facility for international teams participating in the FIFA under 20 World Cup in mid 2015.

Thereafter the superior facilities will be available for winter and summer sports activities for many years to come.

Whittington Avenue
Whittington Avenue (formerly known as Ensors Rd) was for many years a top class playing surface. However, the playing surfaces suffered serious damage in the Canterbury earthquakes and drainage has become very poor. The ground has been unusable.

With support from CPIT and Lion Foundation, the Club has begun work on redeveloping this facility, rendering it suitable for senior grade games and winter training:

1.Turning the remaining pitch 90 degrees2.Installing novaflow and sand-slit drainage3.Moving existing floodlighting4.Locating a prefabricated building to be renovated to serve as showers and changing rooms.

Somerfield Park
​​​​​​​Changing facilities have been improved at Somerfield Park.

Beckenham Park
In partnership with Southern Districts Cricket Club we will be repairing or replacing the sports pavilion at Beckenham Park that was damaged in the Canterbury earthquakes.

A tentative medium term plan is to install floodlighting to enable this park to be used as a training facility.

Facilities Sponsors
The Canterbury Community Trust
Lion Foundation
First Sovereign
Canterbury Earthquake Appeal Trust