11th and 12th Grade South Island Tournament teams

Posted Jun 1, 2018 in Tournaments & Competitions by Lisa Young


11th and 12th Grade South Island Tournament Teams

Team selections have been incredibly difficult with a number of talented player in each grade who could have been selected. Therefore, we have named a few non travelling reserves who will have the opportunity to continue training with the side in the lead up to the tournament and if any player is injured or unable to attend, one of these players will take the spot at the tournament.  More details will follow next week.

11th Grade


Mitchell Cozzone

Noah Higginson

Louis Wilson

Ethan Harris

Henry Lovegrove

Ben Lee

Santiago Monasterio

Tom Hull

Oscar Le Lievre

Ashwin Thomas

Toby Jenkins

Callum Niles

Hugo Knowler


Non traveling reserves:

Lucas Gould

Josh Bligh

Edward Male

Keanu Knap


12th Grade

Jack Denison

Aram Peek

Ethan Lorgelly

Jorge Belchef

Jamie Jeffrey-Dally

Max Sumetzberger

Milo Pritchard - King

Sam Aitken

Felix Bargh

Josh Sworn

Te Kotuku Tukaiora

Otis Swallow

William Woods


Non travelling reserves

Zavier Mouhica

Richard Longley